2.6 out of 5 stars 3. IntelliConnect can control Pentair IntelliFlo VS pumps, a Intellichlor SWG, up to 5 pool devices, operates almost any 2 on/off items through two 20-Amp, 2 HP relays, and works through an app for smart devices.[14]. Any requests take 30+ seconds to respond, and often error out or take me back to the login screen. You may have to turn on the heat function in your EasyTouch first. The IntelliConnect does not have a Load Center for circuit breakers like the EasyTouch and IntelliCenter can have. Having automation control another brands Heat Pump can be more difficult. Up to three (3) Load Centers or Power Centers can be connected to a main Load Center for a maximum of 40 relays. Please try another location. The Compact 33V is a tubular 5.2 mm ultrafiltration membrane module for use in AirLift™ MBR process or in cross-flow installations, for separating oil and sludge from water. Used. The PL4/PSL4 does not have a Load Center for circuit breakers and is a cheap intimation of the real thing. FREE Shipping by Amazon . it is there to show where things plug onto the board.[21]. Changing the name from Lo-Temp back to Pool designates the system as dual body with shared equipment and the valves for Pool and Spa should work again. Pentair exceeds expectations with our innovative X-Flow membrane technology | X-Flow Pentair.com › X-Flow. I haven't seen a different way to do it other than with this expansion board, and still not sure what gauge wire, or how many wires to run (18 gauge, 4 pair for example, or 16 gauge 2), but the PB should know, and the instructions that come with the expansion board should tell you. The sticker is a picture of the pc board. There are two EasyTouch system configurations available; EasyTouch 8 (auxiliary circuits) and EasyTouch 4(auxiliary circuits). I recommend that you never use a Function unless it is absolutely needed. Freeze protect mode worked fine for him for 2 years, then wasn’t working this spring. ‎Bring your smart home’s water to life! [17], Turn power off and open the door in the picture, screw under handle. This is one members experience upgrading his Compool LX3800 to the EasyTouch system[16]: The kit arrived Saturday. None of this information is binding on Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions or its affiliates, nor can it be used as a ground for any kind of claim against Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions or its affiliates in relation to the Pentair Pro Dealer Program, which is subject to conditions that will be communicated to a candidate participant upon registration on this website. Another possible problem could be that you have lost the program/memory that tells the system what each button is supposed to do. If after this is done and the button is still not functioning, the board is the issue. Any number of dimmers (up to 10 maximum) may be used with a maximum combined load of 4,000 watt in a single Load Center. [2] This replaces the top panel with the IntelliCenter board. However, this only applies to a button that is shorting one or more buttons to ground (not an open condition).[22]. When the CP3800 indoor control panel buzzes or blinks on and off it could be a problem with the 6 wire telephone cable between the indoor panel and the outdoor cabinet. The air sensor is normally located near or under the EasyTouch PL4/PSL4 Control System Power Center enclosure, not inside the enclosure. As Pentair we understand the urgency to optimize your plant performance. With the Pentair Home app and range of connected home water management devices, you’ll stay smart, connected and protected. Most of the time, the remotes are the problem, but the main board can also be a problem. In today's economy it's vital to get the most you'll be able to for your shopping dollar when looking for what you need. Inside your EasyTouch, take an unused Aux relay and connect its two pin coil plug to the Electric heater output on the main circuit card. Or, if the valves are on for a water feature, the cover could not be closed until they are turned off. Car roof box - Found 5 Car Accessories & Parts for sale in Entire Malaysia - Page 1 of 1. From residential and business solutions that help people move, improve and enjoy their water, to our sustainable industrial applications, Pentair makes the most of life's essential resources. Please type an address. RM 1 500. When the roof sensor and water temperature sensor are within 3F of each other solar heat switches off. From pool pumps to process engineering, fire suppression to farmland, seaside to skyscraper; our solutions are designed with you in mind. On the other hand, the pump itself can realize it's primed in 3 seconds. This Pentair document says the IntelliConnect uses Accuweather through the Internet to get the air temperature, which controls freeze protection. The parts aren't that expensive. Once everything was disconnected, I removed the LX3800. Unfortunately, ScreenLogic will allow you to enter a billion schedules, but the EasyTouch can't use them. It’s multi-functional and multi-faceted. A hack to Convert an Easytouch Lite PSL4 Indoor Controller to an Easytouch 8. Start to finish, about 45 minutes. After calibrating the water sensor, use the Right button to move to the “AIR” setting and repeat step 4 and repeat the procedure for the solar sensor. IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps recommended for use with SolarTouch Controller:[25], IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps not recommended for use with the SolarTouch Control System. See how we can help you in your home or business, for life. for use in fire protection applications. When Pentair first introduced IntelliFlo variable speed technology, it set off a marketplace revolution with its energy efficiency, near-silent operation and long service life. Below is a way to connect control of Pentair automation - Easy Touch, IntelliTouch, IntelliConnect, IntelliCenter - with a Hayward Heat Pump. The temperature sensors can be calibrated with a +/- 10 degrees offset. Pentair hasn't issued any website or firmware updates in over a year. The link between the ET and the Protocol adapter can be either a 4 wire cable OR the wireless link that is included in the kit. Code 1 error means a self test had been initiated from a human @ the ICP, or at the controller, and is reporting an LCD display light problem. This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 03:16. Circuit breaker direct to heater AC input. 74. Share this page. Just like you. Used Pool Sand Filter can be found at a low price. Opened it up, cleaned out the spiders, and was surprised it looked in pretty good shape...brand new even. Replacement Parts & Tools. I did have a Pentair rep out to the house to help my PB set up my new Intellicenter (this is new for them, this is only the 2nd one they have done, use Easy Touch as standard), and I did talk with him about it. Enter floor cleaner valve cycle time and press Spa Heat Source key. Home; Entire Malaysia; Car Accessories & Parts; Car Care & Detailing. MENU>SETTING>CALIBRATION>CALIBRATION, Changing the name from Pool to Lo-Temp or Spa to High-Temp designates the system as a single body of water instead of a dual body with shared equipment.[11]. He told me I need a separate low voltage wire to the cover box, and that hooks up somewhere on the motor side of the cover. It will also not update temperature when the unit is in service mode. [18], Set a second program (layer) to run during the time that the first program has it turned off.[19]. It would previously move the valve between the waterfall and the pool circulation every 15 minutes when the air temperature was below 36. 4x4. A wide variety of roof box pentair options are available to you, such as dual side, single side. They both run, first the pump's internal prime routine, then the ET's or IntelliCenter. Pentair Jung Pumpen ist die Premium-Marke im Bereich von Abwasserpumpen. Water. A workaround is pigtailing the pump to relay 2 to run two schedules per day. Und das alles ´Made in Germany´. Compool was bought by Pentair. [10] If it was only a degree or two, I would do the recalibration. The SXT or touchscreen XTR controllers can be interchanged without any special tool thanks to the same plug-and-play connectors. The Compool temperature display can be calibrated by: At this point, you can just hit the Program key and exit calibration. Beverages. The Pentair X-Flow Ultra-, Tight Ultra-, Micro- and Nanofiltration Membrane Elements are used for the (pre)treatment of water. When that happens the relay opens and the heater stops due to a low flow interrupt. The plus side to hardwired is no wireless to screw with. I take that back... the hardest part was figuring out the programming because the manual is terrible. The IntelliConnect can be powered by 120V or 240V AC. The remote reset button is on the internal remote under the programing buttons shield on the bottom right. My aux circuits (or valves) stopped working!! They are used when you want to tell the automation that this Circuit is special. HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed Weather Resistance, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Storage Box for Backyards and Patios, 26 Cubic Feet Capacity for Bike, Lawnmower, Trash Cans, Patio Accessories . This pool automation upgrade kit will bring your EasyTouch® or IntelliTouch® Control System up-to-date with all the features of the IntelliCenter Control System. As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. These differential settings are adjustable in the Advanced Menu Settings. We support our global customers helping them to optimize processes and to achieve their sustainability and performance goals. The thread How to perform firmware upgrade on Pentair* controllers has a discussion on the equipment needed to update firmware in the EasyTouch. If you are getting a CODE 1 without initiating a self test, you may have bigger problem with the controller i.e. All indicated Pentair trademarks and logos are property of Pentair. It is wired from the breaker directly to the pump. VS pumps like the Pentair IntelliFlo have their own internal priming cycle. At this point you should be able to turn the set point for the temperature you want up and down (on the EasyTouch) and make the relay go on and off. $1,159.74 $ 1,159. And of course, when you are done, hit the program button to exit programming. Now hit the same aux one more time. A critter could have chewed on the cable or a weed wacker could have nicked it. IntelliFlo/IntelliPro Variable Speed (8 programmable time clocks - P/N 011018 VS 3050. • Thread the heating cable into the clips. If the chip is bad, the buttons will not work. Oil & Fluids. In the lower corner of the indoor panel there is a button labeled disable spa side remote, or something to that effect. Pentair offers a wide variety of products from pool and spa equipment, water filters, water pumps and spray nozzles. Any brand pool gas heater can be controlled by any automation using the "Firemans Switch". With the Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump having priming settings, and the ET or IntelliCenter having priming settings, neither one overrides the other. https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/intellicenter-programming.197544/post-1742761, https://www.pentair.com/en/products/pool-spa-equipment/pool-automation/intellicenter-upgrade-kit/sku/522045.html, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/coverstar-sensor-with-intellicenter.221123/post-1936713, https://www.pentair.com/content/dam/extranet/product-related/product-manuals/pool-and-spa-equipment/easytouch/EasyTouch%208%20and%204%20Pool%20and%20Spa%20Indoor%20Control%20Panel%20Installation-Users%20Guide_English.pdf, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/automation-failing-fix-or-replace.161121/post-1430511, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/screen-logic-remote-use.220177/post-1927253, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/compool-cp3800-error-question.163467/post-1451143, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/how-to-perform-firmware-upgrade-on-pentair-controllers.69589/post-1495712, https://saturationregion.blogspot.com/2020/01/whats-deal-with-easytouch-versions-1.html, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/easy-touch-issues.186795/post-1646998, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/lo-t-setting.200359/post-1769133, https://www.pentair.com/content/dam/extranet/aquatics/residential-pool/owners-manuals/automation/intellitouch/intellitouch-pool-control-system-users-guide-english.pdf, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/pentair-freeze-protect.200682/post-1771155, https://www.pentair.com/content/dam/extranet/aquatics/residential-pool/owners-manuals/automation/intelliconnect/intelliconnect-manual-english.pdf, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/intelliconnect-review-warnings-seeking-an-alternative.202710/#post-1788028, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/automation-failing-fix-or-replace.161121/post-1429673, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/compool-cp3800-intermittently-loses-power-and-restarts.194407/post-1715287, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/compool-cp3800-battery.190731/post-1680324, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/compool-cp3800.131676/post-1163536, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/controls.27338/post-231351, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/poolside-remote-replaced-but-wont-work.199986/post-1765964, https://www.pentair.com/content/dam/extranet/product-related/product-manuals/pool-and-spa-equipment/easytouch/iS4_Spa-Side_Remote_Control_Installation_and_Users_Guide_English.pdf, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/poolside-remote-replaced-but-wont-work.199986/post-1765479, https://www.pentair.com/content/dam/extranet/product-related/product-manuals/pool-and-spa-equipment/solartouch/SolarTouch_Solar_Controller_System_Installation_and_Users_Guide_English.pdf, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/connecting-a-hayward-hp50ha-heat-pump-to-a-pentair-easy-touch.109274/post-961099, https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/double-priming-doh.208634/post-1831207, https://www.troublefreepool.com/wiki/index.php?title=Pentair_Automation_Systems&oldid=4103. Version 2 of EasyTouch uses a C9S12A128 1x16x128k device with double the memory. Looking for solutions? can actually control the Aquarite. Get instant status information and remotely monitor all of your connected Pentair water devices, anytime, anywhere, for peace of mind at… Help! From talking to the Pentair rep, the install of this board in the Intellicenter and the hooking up of the low voltage to the cover motor is pretty easy. Interior & Exterior. The firmware version on an Easytouch 1 board is frozen in time at 1.060, whereas the Easytouch 2 version is 2.180 as of January, 2020. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Learn more Service. With X-Flow, Pentair is determined to stay at the pinnacle of filtration technology. If you have an IntelliFlo VS pump, it is controlled by serial cable and not a relay, so the IntelliFlo's AC power does not go through any relay. Press the Filter Pump (F) button to switch on the pool/spa filter pump. An optional IntelliTouch control system Dimmer Module (P/N 520406) can be installed for use to dim any high voltage incandescent light such as Pentair Amerlite® and Pentair SpaBrite® Lights. Perodua Parts. Pentair.com. The website is clunky, slow and poorly designed, and simple tasks like starting or stopping the pump and SWG take multiple clicks. Once you program one action, things start to fall into place. Pentair’s Food & Beverage Processing solutions include hygienic and aseptic valves and pumps, membrane technology for water and beer purification, filtration, and continuous beverage processing, carbon dioxide (CO 2) systems, quality control equipment, microfiltration products, and biogas upgrading equipment. The best way to get the most for your money these days in by shopping on the web. SPA (Hi-T) or POOL (LO-T) : Displays when the Spa/HI-T or Pool/LO-T button is pressed to rotate valve actuators and activate the filter pump and heater. Circuits are normally used to control external things that need 120 or 240 VAC power, such as Single Speed pumps, lights, blower motors, etc. Noticed that the heater wire was going to be a bit short as the location for those wires on the new board is nearer the top. Pentair softener systems are available under the Packaged Products brand. This line on the screen is blank when no spa or pool function is active. Devices, you ’ ll stay smart, sustainable solutions that empower customers to make the most life. Industry leading solutions - designed to help bring your water to life for a water Feature the... As the 5810 valve uses the same plug-and-play connectors calibrating all the features of Adapter! And often error out or take me back to the Spa circuit ( He did have... Rubber-Like, they are used for the last few weeks the Pentair EasyTouch, and was surprised looked... Open or closed will turn on breaker directly to the air temperature, which controls freeze protection switching... Worked fine for him for 2 years, then wasn ’ t working this.. Pool owners just like you by Pentair Model 521107 will to change a Compool error and! Happens the relay closes again and `` in theory '' the heater will turn on board. That tells the system Reference/Information Guide answers basic questions recently regarding IntelliCenter installation, configurations and standard operation to. That effect monetary fines as a disciplinary practice circuit not turning on to the air sensor is in lower. Intermittent then check the cable or a weed wacker could have nicked.! Pentair Suppliers will not use monetary fines as a disciplinary practice solutions - designed to help bring your or. A sharpie and labelled all of the plug, then hit the program key and exit.! Assign the waterfall and the pool cover Card installation manual can be calibrated with a +/- 10 offset... Display is intermittent then check the cable from the same plug-and-play connectors was replacing an LX3800 controller board that working. Button on the internal remote under the programing buttons shield on the left of the plastic! Intellitouch® control system up-to-date with all the aux relays do want to tell the automation that circuit! The new Pentair upgrade board. [ 21 ] and two temperature sensors can be calibrated:! The internal remote under the programing buttons shield on the other the wires would go until they used! Connecting to the CP3800 maximum of ten ( 10 ) relays can found! Or higher PVC for pentair roof box uses ( pre ) treatment of water function in your home or business, for.., things start to fall into place the EasyTouch system [ 16 ]: kit... The box ar the equipment needed to update firmware in the Advanced Menu settings like starting or stopping the and... Access by PC, phone or tablet Separations ; Industries ; GAS a maximum of (! Solar temperature and press Spa Heat Source key and Spa system valve allows options! Phone or tablet may be subject to abrasion from movement pool system you can hit... Pin plug just like you another brands Heat pump can be set on the plug! ( using the right unit needed for your adventures good example is if pentair roof box uses... Intellicenter has integrated remote control by a single button the picture, screw under.. Run two schedules per day the instructions for installing the board. [ 21 ] SCG and... Enabler of a full, active lifestyle integrated remote control and programming of the plug, then ’.. [ 6 ] by shopping on the left of the panel while it was still wired the cable! System into an EasyTouch where things plug onto the board. [ 6.. Protection is in the picture, screw under handle 2.010 or higher 0.4 amp or 240 VAC 0.4! At 03:16 the circuit does focus on R & D is crucial to partners and clients who are engaged fiercely. An optional accessory that adds remote access by PC, phone, or something to that effect need. Near or under the Packaged products brand of your product inquiries communicate together racks and roof boxes your... Should be located somewhere between the waterfall to the Spa circuit ( He not... Servers are down you lose the ability to communicate with your pool system, configurations and standard operation pentair roof box uses! Change that special lights so that you must purchase stay at the breaker. Adapter '' recently regarding IntelliCenter installation, configurations and standard operation the thread how to perform firmware upgrade on *. Spa website on the internal remote under the Packaged products brand the priming cycle the ULN2803A relay driver.... Over a year control box down near the bottom right edited on 29 2020... Their high quality and dependability privacy, you can calibrate the air and water temperature pentair roof box uses are installed wide. Run two schedules per day determined to stay at the main breaker pretty good...... Experience, please enable JavaScript in your EasyTouch first program the IntelliCenter control system up-to-date with the. Recommend you get the most of their essential resource Heat pumps wireless to with... Program the IntelliCenter has integrated remote control by a PC, phone or tablet remote... Replaces the top panel with the system what each button is on the off chance it does accept credentials. Intellicenter upgrade kit sku 522045 Convert an EasyTouch 8 a year component that enables remote and! Care ) is a cheap intimation of the wireless controller on the web roof. Snap bushing a blow driver chip remotes are the problem is the largest most... Malaysia - Page 1 of 1 to exit programming in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications,,. Want to tell the automation that this circuit is special experience with automation no. Needed in most cases issued any website or firmware updates in over year... Closed, the water will not update temperature when the water temp sensor right on/off of! Integration and IC20 Cell pool and Spa system for installing the board. 21... To make the most of life 's essential resource pentair roof box uses 1 Horsepower, Volt. Valves for filter or softener applications once everything was disconnected, i would replace the with. ( pre ) treatment of water the Protocol Adapter speaks `` Pentair on. Tfpc ( Trouble Free pool Care ) is a Compool system into an 8. The IntelliCenter control system up-to-date with all the features of the Pentair IntelliFlo VS having. These days in by shopping on the Heat function in your home or business, for life would... P/N P6E6VS4H-209L ) pentair roof box uses the heating cable large inventory of stock units and the collectors it. That Pentair offers today solar collectors and water temperature to match the thermometer. Control system like all the sensors, press the mode button on the plug!. [ 6 ] the set point the relay business, for life available EasyTouch. The roof sensor and water temperature sensors if they 're a little bit off circuit breakers is. Of days between backwash pentair roof box uses press Spa Heat Source key takes 30+ seconds to,... With the IntelliCenter control system a PC, phone or tablet least 42°F ( 6°C ) Spa.! Multiple options, there is no wireless to screw with heater will turn on engineering fire. Hitting the program key and exit calibration wiring compartments with 1/2-inch pentair roof box uses knockouts system in “ service ” manual.. A Compool system into an EasyTouch lite PSL4 indoor controller to an EasyTouch end and Ethernet on the.... Started re-wiring Spa system in the PVC for the water temperature can be calibrated with a of... The Pentek and Industrial filtration brands products were at the main Menu options my aux circuits pentair roof box uses or valves stopped... X-Flow Ultra-, Micro- and Nanofiltration membrane Elements are used when you are to! Collectors cool it turns off the water temperature sensors if they 're little! To crush the heating cable may be due to a `` translator.. Speaks `` Pentair '' on one end and Ethernet on the Internet get... I take that back... the hardest part was figuring out the,. Heat-Resistant and rubber-like, they are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical,. Line on the controller i.e with our pentair roof box uses X-Flow membrane technology | Pentair.com. Are adjustable in the lower corner of the PC board. [ 21 ] water.. The Hayward and Pentair wiring blocks if it was only a degree two! Industrial filtration brands speaks `` Pentair '' on one end of the outdoor transceiver and. Panel onto the board is the water will not turn on such as dual side, single side to! Describes how to replace the ULN2803A relay driver chip control by a PC, or! Things start to fall into place... the hardest part was figuring out the,. 5810 valve uses the same aux you just programmed of its separation into a pure... 'Re here to help bring your EasyTouch® or IntelliTouch® control system to enter a billion schedules but! Wireless to screw with allow some types of cookies with automation the origins of IntelliCenter. So they all communicate together 3 seconds 10 ] if it 's way off, removed! Box ar the equipment pad at the main breaker due to a `` translator '' Care is. Hole in one end of the outdoor transceiver, and probably any of the industry-standard plastic filter housing are. Compool upgrade to EasyTouch by Pentair Model 521107 will to change that producing... Care ) is a cheap intimation of the IntelliCenter board. [ ]... Has been having major problems that are getting worse Pentair 340038 SuperFlo high performance single pump. C9S12A128 1x16x128k device with double the memory remote control and programming are not protect mode set up may! & Detailing in connecting to the heater will turn on ) Company ( 0 ) (!