This is more than a rumor heard by a journalist. Our Boeing 737-800 aircraft offers a variety of signature products and experiences unlike anything else in the sky. This past January 2019 flights were on Airbus 319 and 320-comfortable seating and good legroom, yay! This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission. Profit. I for one will never fly in one and if Delta puts them on routes I need to use, I will fly another airline. Perhaps Frontier? In the long term legacy airlines like Southwest that are 737-dependent will be bought out by private equity funds and go the way of Sears and Kodak; airlines that want to be here in 2030 as a going concern (not a property to loot) will want to get started with the next generational move. DL could be A220/737/A321 domestically and A330/A350 (maybe A321XLR) Internationally within the next 2 -4 years. Obsolete in an economy and society that MUST shift from the cutthroat ridiculous profit games that LED to the 737 MAX’s development in the first place! Another benefit is DL can send the 717 back overnight while it will take time before the 737 will be flying again an even longer before it is delivered, so an easy way to reduce short term payments and control fleet size. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. I’m going to guess what DL will pay for the 737 close to what they paid 717, which is a great deal. Plus, they will probably be called 737-8 or 737-9 on the ticket… deceptive, but most people probably wouldn’t know it from a 737-800 or a 737-900. Could Boeing and Delta figure out a mutually beneficial way for Delta to get rid of 717s, and Boeing to get rid of 737 MAXs? A plane many are afraid to fly?? Seat Map Delta Air Lines Boeing B737 800 (738) | SeatMaestro Let us know what you think and why in the comments! Adding to Wally’s comment above, after Boeing passed on getting involved with Bombardier and instead decided to fight the Canadians, Airbus was able to able to get majority control of the C-series/A220 program for a token $1. And those who says boeing is for profit, guess what, airbus is for profit company as well, if you don’t want for profit company maybe try a sukhoi or comac, a state owned enterprise…. I’d fly a 737 Max any day. I think this is a smart business decision on both ends. Your other option might be walking, a bike, a car, train. Delta… While it was reported that Southwest could take some white tail 737 MAX aircraft, this would likely be in the place of so far unbuilt airframes. But customers may be hesitant to fly on one once they know. Why would DL make a move like that? – Historically, they have used older aircraft because of an extensive MRO network called TechOps Don’t get the 737 MAX, BUSINESS WILL GO DOWN. Register here to save your space. It does seem like there is a space in the fleet mix for MAX8s as the 320s eventually age out. As a business traveler, this will kill my home time, so a strong Delta Connection strategy to keep more flights in moderate size cities would be awesome! 737 Max would also work against that potential strategy. Expect it to be the 737-801 or 737-8000 or something like that. When you dig into it, this concept isn’t as nutty as it sounds — Delta is leasing 717s and doesn’t want them anymore, and the airline would do better with 737 MAXs. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. Delta has no Boeing planes on order and they won’t be acquiring Boeing aircraft anymore. Fliers given a choice will not fly the 737 or even A320 when they could fly the A220 or E195. Required fields are marked *. Boeing should have made the NMA to fill the niche that will be opened up for flights that are too busy or long to serve with A220 class airliners, but no they had to make the 737 refresh nobody wanted, try to keep the A220 out of US markets, try to buy out the Embraer E2-Jets at an unfairly low cost. Delta's 737-800 are identified as 73Y or 73H and may be displayed as such on booking itineraries or schedules. They have 100 321Neos on order along with 100+ more airbus order for different aircraft. The 737 is a cramped and dated design and the A320 isn’t that much better, whereas the A220 is clearly an aircraft that was designed in this century. In a time where they are likely to need a smaller fleet for a few years, it’s best to turn in planes with lease payments vs other planes that they own. Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 737-900ER Details and Pictures. The advanced-design Next-Generation 737 is the most cost-efficient, reliable and capable single-aisle airplane, featuring a dramatically elevated passenger experience thanks to the new Boeing Sky Interior. While Southwest is unsure about the aircraft’s return timeline, American Airlines is gearing up to fly the aircraft in just over a month. Boeing will not be able to win on cost forever. Delta flies the 737 Next Gen models 737-700, 737-800 and a BUNCH (over half the 737 fleet) of the 737-900s. The first flight was made by Boeing 737-700 airplane in 1997. So let me get this straight – just so I understand; – Delta has a fleet of some 900 aircraft, 600 of which are parked, for now. Boeing will pay $2.5 billion to settle a Justice Department investigation and admit that employees misled regulators about the safety of its 737 Max aircraft, which suffered two deadly crashes shortly after entering airline service. As a couple of posts said, more than likely the Max will be rebranded. Good move. Do 15 minutes of research on the 2 crashes. They won’t be delivered for a while, but DL will very likely buy 320NEOs, or 737-8 MAXs. Delta Air Lines might acquire the Boeing 737 MAX, hinted Ed Bastian, the Chief Executive of Delta Airlines . A recertified MAX will probably be the safest aircraft to fly (since its safety issues would have to have been looked at with an electron microscope before certification and approval). It all comes down to price of flights. Delta had eight 737-700s in its fleet as of Sept. 13 and the final planes were ferried to storage on Sept. 25. Last week the Federal Aviation Administration reversed its grounding of the 737 MAX. Delta Air Lines is in discussions with Boeing regarding the 737 MAX, according to the airline’s CEO, Ed Bastian. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! According to the latest estimates, Boeing has built 450 737 MAX aircraft since the type’s grounding in March 2019. On the surface this might sound like the craziest idea ever, but there’s potentially some merit to it. Delta is reportedly considering a Boeing 737 MAX order. No chance I would step on that dangerous, nasty, uncomfortable plane ever. I don’t know if I’ll be renewing my Skymiles American Express card. Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Seat Maps, Specs & Amenities : Delta … Hawaiian? No one is stepping foot on a MAX. This regularly scheduled commercial flight flies from San Francisco to Atlanta – Delta’s largest hub. Simple Flying first reported that Boeing was in discussions with Delta regarding the Boeing 737 MAX back at the start of October. This is a horrible business move. Will Horton. What I know is that the 737’s, whether new Gen’s.or the Max 8 I flew from Vancouver YVR to PVR Jan. 2019 are uncomfortable with poorly designed seating. On the other hand, this would be a savvy move by Delta if they had inside knowledge that the FAA was going to shut the 737 Max program altogether. Be in the know. Most travelers have no idea what they are flying on, nor do they care. Boeing 737 – najpopularniejszy na świecie wąskokadłubowy samolot pasażerski średniego zasięgu, produkowany w wielu wersjach od 1967 (obecna generacja od 1996) przez firmę Boeing w Stanach Zjednoczonych.. Konfiguracja siedzeń to układ „2×3” (dwa rzędy, po trzy siedzenia w rzędzie). Certainly Chinese airlines will buy as many C919 as it can make but they will offer great financing terms, deals, and bribes to the growth markets in Asia and Africa. MIAMI – Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines (DL), said he is considering purchasing the Boeing 737 MAX, recently unbanned by the FAA after a 20-month grounding. Continue to be a non MAX airline… The A220 can take up the 717 routes. 2 years ago. After all of the issues and negligence on Boeing’s hands, DL wants to jump in and buy the Max????? Delta is the only one of the US big three without the aircraft type. – Fuel prices are at historic, all time lows – with futures (i.e. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. Folks, Boeing is old news. Arguably Delta’s strategy has been much better, both financially and for passengers: You wouldn’t know that this Delta plane is nearly 30 years old. It would be able to shift some of its white tail pool without sacrificing later aircraft deliveries. This Boeing 737-900ER (739) seats 180 passengers and is primarily used on Domestic routes. Airbus could take over the 717 as part of an order for A220-500 (at the cutting edge of technology) built in North America. Sad. By leasing those 717s for Delta pilots to fly, Delta was allowed to increase the number of 76 seat jets subcontracted to Delta Connection carriers. Yesterday’s story. DL gets to offload their aging 717’s and Boeing gets an order for the Max. Period. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. The Aviation Heraldreports that a Boeing 737-900 for Delta Air Lines was operating flight DL2049. Yeah, it was a turd from idea to production, yet the “economy” will save it??! Wonder if the corruption is rampant, as usual, and arm twisting is going on between US Gov., Boeing to arm wrestle Delta into buying the MAX. This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission. I will have full confidence that the 737Max will be safe when flying again, as United, Southwest and soon British Airway will be flying the MAX. Both American Airlines and United Airlines operate the type, alongside LCC Southwest and Alaska Airlines. Flight Attendants In China Told To Wear Diapers, Alaska Mileage Plan Changes How Status Is Earned, Cathay Pacific’s A321neo Business Class Revealed, Thai Airways Selling Boeing 747, Airbus A380 Fleet, Best Airline Credit Cards for Miles & Points, Delta’s lack of 737 MAXs has been an advantage, Air Mauritius Enters Voluntary Administration. The aircraft departed from the gate area as normal and made its way to runway 01R. The interior of this aircraft has been outfitted with the modern Boeing Sky Interior (BSI) that features enhanced mood lighting. Delta's plans to retire 110 single-aisle jets by 2025 are fueling rumors that Boeing is trying to sell 737 Maxes to the carrier, possibly at a steep discount. Did Jet Blue take bailout money? Boeing and the airlines will quietly drop the “MAX” moniker before it goes back into service. However, the problem with white tail aircraft has been amplified in the Boeing 737 MAX case. Now Boeing will be paying more than Embraer is worth, at the same time Boeing’s finances and stock price have crashed. Bastian revealed that the American air carrier was in negotiations with Boeing … No carriers left in North America to avoid getting on that white elephant. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for Delta 737 (DL737/DAL737) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and … They are a few years from delivery. Delta’s 737-700 are identified as 737 or 73W and may be … Based in Frankfurt, Germany. Like it or not, I think it’s a win-win for bothe Delta and Boeing. – Delta ALREADY have some 245 aircraft on order, all with Airbus. Given the recent increase in orders I am sure Airbus is quite happy with their bargain investment in a comfortable state of the art plane. With Boeing getting a bailout the Feds are going to expect all the US airlines that got bailouts to buy some Boeing planes. They get Boeing to take their outdated 717’s of their hands while agreeing to buy planes that they won’t actually have to take delivery of. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. The government and the … Delta Air Lines has retired its final Boeing 737-700 aircraft, sources close to the matter confirmed to AirlineGeeks. At that point the MAX is likely to have been renamed and flying (successfully) long enough that most of the flying public will have forgotten what a MAX is. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Delta "New Colours" Boeing 737-900ER (N838DN) File Description: Delta 'New Colours' Boeing 737-900ER (N838DN) repaint for the PMDG 737-900 - By Goldstar Textures Among the “big three” US carriers, Delta has been the only one to not have any Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. A Boeing 737-800 made an emergency landing in Tennessee on Sunday morning. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. fuel hedging) also low Didn’t many of the DL 717 fleet come from the Trans World BK? Up until the COVID-19 pandemic started, that was a huge advantage for the airline, as other airlines have had their 737 MAX fleets grounded since last March. That said, maybe the 717 leases are terminated now and the 100 Maxes come at a later date to help improve cash flow. I would love to see all those NEVER FLY MAX AGAIN people on DL MAX planes. Spirit? This POS MAX will NEVER fly! One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. Seems really hard to believe. Could be an interesting development for Hawaiian. Delta ordered the Boeing 737-900(ER) three times—100 planes in August 2011, further 20 in December 2015, and 10 more in April 2017. During the time of loss and fear people tend to use bad judgement. Economy middle row a legal carry on won’t fit because of low hanging electrical box and aisle seat also can’t fit carryon because the outside seat leg is inset even on the Max 8 being new? So my take on this is that Boeing has to take back leased 717s now in exchange for for an order of MAXes to be delivered later. Best seats in the plane. While I love that little plane, it’s time has come. Airplane belongs to B… They must have gotten one hell-of-a deal! I know there will be some passengers who will be hesitant to fly on a Max, but there will also be those who won’t care if they get a good deal on airfare. Don’t see that seat design on Airbus or the one Embraer ERJ I havs flown on. The 737 MAX probably makes the best financial sense on paper given the 717 leasing obligations and how Boeing will probably sell the MAX for pennies on the dollar in several months as they continue to lose orders. Meanwhile, a significant number of aircraft orders for the type have been canceled. Previous suggestions mentioned that the airline was looking at so-called white tail aircraft. Remember fuel efficiency shouldn’t be a big issue for the foreseeable future. Delta is the only airline from the big three full-service carriers in the US without a Boeing 737 MAX order. The market is full of used planes and Boeing and AB are going to have a hard time selling new planes. I used to fly Delta a lot because I was going to the West Coast but now I tend to head in directions better served by American’s Philadelphia hub. The 717 were from AirTran and DL wanted them badly at the time when SW bought AirTran and only wanted 737s so the deal was worked out between the three parties. New videos are posted ten times per week! 737s are narrower than the Airbus equivalent, and you get the smallest seats on them. Politicians had better plug their ears when Boeing comes around if the U.S. has a chance of being a relevant aircraft manufacturer in the long term. Bastian made the comments to the Financial Times, following the previous speculation that Boeing had approached the US carrier regarding white tail 737 MAX aircraft. Delta should swap out their old leases on the 717s for new leases on some heavily discounted 737 MAXes. I can see Delta doing this to perhaps pressure Airbus to give them a great deal on A321s. First class consisted of a total of 16 seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2 configuration. With the retirements of MD88 means the DL will be losing scale of operating this type. Back during good times, other airlines had to cut capacity due to the 737 MAX being grounded, while Delta didn’t have that problem. People here are not really the common airline passengers. Stay informed: Sign up for our daily aviation news digest. It is thought that as much as a quarter of the aircraft that have already been built are white tails. Delta too is getting billions in the orgy of tax bailouts. – Older aircraft require more fuel, but since it’s cheap and you can buy into the future (Hello SWA) you can mitigate the cost to save on capex
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